QuickHit Gel


As every horse owner knows, a variety of hoof diseases can cause horses considerable pain and frequently results in lameness.  Over the years different methods have been used to bring such problems as thrush, seedy toe/white line disease and heal cracks under control, but often with limited success.

Equine QuickHit Gel is a new formulation designed to aid in the treatment of these problems.  The formula suspends copper and zinc in a low stabilized pH solution developed to heal and repair.   Equine QuickHit Gel thoroughly and effectively coats even the smallest cavity of the hoof to penetrate deep into effected tissue.

Equine QuickHit Gel will not cause hooves to become hard, brittle or shrink.  It eliminates foul odors, will not stain, cause hair loss or dry out hooves.  Equine QuickHit Gel contains no antibiotics, is non-flammable and odor-free.  Plus it helps condition the hoof for optimum foot health

Equine QuickHit Gel can be used as a direct topical spray, used as a soak or under a wrap.  Before treatment remove all debris and dead tissue then clean and dry the affected area thoroughly.

Equine QuickHit Gel, you can see the difference!

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