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Rotational Zinc

A Favorite of Producers

Zinc has been a long time favorite of producers in treating hoof diseases.  Rotational Zinc is a highly effective, low pH zinc formula that breaks surface tension, increases penetration and last longer.  It was developed to meet the needs of producers that wish to rotate zinc with other foot health products.  Rotational Zinc is very effective in treating and maintaining foot health in a herd.

Rotational Zinc has been used worldwide in countless applications.  It is cost effective, contains no antibiotics, solving the problems with residue and resistance, and it's safe to use in the parlor.  Rotational Zinc can be applied in a spray, foot bath or under a wrap for quick relief of hoof problems. 

Use HoofPro+ and Rotational Zinc in an effective alternating program.

Rotational Zinc, for an effective alternative.

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